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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2006|12:34 pm]

Title: You Saved Me

Author: Kayla

Feedback: is something that I live for

Pairing: Angel/Collins

Word Count:

Rating: PG-13

Genre: General

Summary: "That was why he loved her, her deep concern for people, like this four year old child she did not know."

Notes: None

Special Thanks: All the rpgs I’ve been taking part in. They really make writing these characters much easier, and more believable.

Spoilers: Angel dresses in drag, and Collins loves Angel

Warnings: Prejudices, hate

Disclaimer: I don’t own Rent, I rent, and am crazy about doing so

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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2006|12:20 pm]
Title: Peace in the Valley
Author: Kayla
Feedback: would make me one happy writer.
Pairing: All canon couples are implied.
Word Count: 842
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst/Gen
Summary: “God, what happened to the peace in the valley?” Angel wants something, near the end of her life.
Notes: My return to speed_rent after so much absence, so it might be a little rusty. Kind of my return to writing too...after about a month’s absence.
Special Thanks: Well, thanks to all the Rent fans who make this such an awesome fandom to write for.
Spoilers: All apply.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Jonathan Larson owns Rent.

ETA: YES! First speed_rent win...I am in absolute shock.
God, what happened to the peace in the valleyCollapse )
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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2006|03:42 pm]

I participate when I can at speed_rent and I felt like having a place to post my speed rent wins.

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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2006|04:26 pm]
Title: Warmth
Author: Kayla
Feedback: is a beautiful thing.
Pairing: Angel/Collins
Word Count: 1254
Rating: R
Genre: Fluff/Romance/Angst
Summary: Angel reflects on when, in her opinion, she lost her virginity.
Notes: Written for speed_rent
Special Thanks: None
Spoilers: Yes!
Warnings: Mentions of sex
Disclaimer: Jonathan Larson owns Rent. I own nothing but an enjoyment for writing.

Of course, nothing about Angel was conventionalCollapse )
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54 Rent Icons [May. 9th, 2006|07:41 pm]
Promised icons! A day later than I expected...but...oh well. 

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(no subject) [May. 9th, 2006|03:44 pm]
Title: For Long
Author: Kayla
Summary: Collins sees Angel scared and insecure, and he is reminded of the first time he has seen her this way.
Word Count: 786
Rating: PG
Notes: Written for 100moods
Disclaimer: Rent belongs to Jonathan Larson, remember? Not me.

He had not seen...Collapse )
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(no subject) [May. 7th, 2006|09:23 pm]
I'm going to update because of a random urge.

I am so sick of my school's block scheduling. I have the lowest attention span I have ever known, and I cannot sit still for two hours. Especially in Algebra 2. It is the first class I have ever completely failed, and it feels miserable to sit in there even longer with my 'F' and complete lack of understanding. I have to take it over next year, so why not let me go now...:(

I watched Rent again tonight. One of my friends wants to watch it with me after we get past all these stupid finals and stuff, but I doubt it could happen. I cannot get through Angel's funeral without crying harder than I have ever. Literally sobbing. I've also decided I can't believe they cut the second half of Goodbye Love. So dumb.

I love rping. I'm becoming a total addict.

I'm tired. I'm going to go to bed as soon as Rent finishes. Icons tomorrow if I can remember! (has a bunch of unposted icons)
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(no subject) [May. 3rd, 2006|09:29 pm]
Title: All Right, Just Fine
Author: Kayla
Feedback: is the best part of every day!
Pairing: Mark/Collins friendship
Word Count: 1216
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen/Angst
Summary: Mark gets a reminder from Collins that he is all right and will never be alone.
Spoilers: Any and all apply
Warnings: Character deaths
Disclaimer: Jonathan Larson created the brilliance we worship as 'Rent.' I am just a simple fan.
Note: Written for speed_rent challenge #109. It just came out a minute ago, but I actually like this one so I'm posting.

Read more...Collapse )
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Fic: In Love (Angel/Collins) [Apr. 28th, 2006|08:29 pm]
Title: In Love
Author: Kayla
Summary: Angel wakes up to find out just how deep in love she is.
Disclaimer: I do not own Rent.
Pairing: Angel/Collins
Words: 865
Rating: PG
Notes: It’s just a quick, unbelievably fluffy piece.

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(no subject) [Apr. 26th, 2006|07:49 pm]
Subject: Angel, Rent
Batch: Batch #2 (Icons 25-60) 
Themes: Joy, I've Been Bad, Smile, Laughter, Mmm Yum!, Colorful, Tears, Snarky, All That I am, Flowers, Embrace, Trouble in Paradise
Additonal Notes:
[x] My icons resource post is in my memories under sources
[x] Feel free to use, just remember to credit admanthea
[x] Comments make me a very happy person

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